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Wokingham Arts Trail 2016

on Friday, 26 August 2016.

Exhibiting abstract art with Berkshire artists

Wokingham Arts Trail 2016

You may have heard me talk about painting once in a while - it's a lifelong passion, and I've been really enjoying combining my interests in science and Aboriginal art.  'Primitive' art has always fascinated me, I love to see how other cultures view the world and the Australian Aborigines have a rich tradition of story telling and painting unlike any others. When I look at their art I often think about cell structures and molecules, and that inspired the work that I have been making over the last few years.  Most of the molecules I paint are related to the body and emotions - hormones and medicines for example.  I've also been working on a series of molecules that give certain foods and drinks their flavours.  Currently I'm looking at the structure of cells and organs and hope to have a new series on the go soon!

I've taken part in the Wokingham Arts Trail for a few years now and am really looking forward to this year's exhibition on September 24th-25th in various venues around Wokingham.  There is a great community of talented artists in the area, and it'll be a brilliant opportunity to kick start the Christmas shopping (far too early I know to be thinking about that, but if like me you always leave it to the last minute hopefully it will reduce the stress this year!).  The range of beautiful, hand crafted work includes jewellery, ceramics, sculptures, painting and photography, textiles and prints - there should be something on show to appeal to all tastes, and everything is very affordable and unique.

I'll be at venue 3, right in the centre of Wokingham at the Bradbury Centre on Rose Street - it'd be lovely to see you if you're able to drop in! 


all images are copyrighted - © Catherine Hadler, all rights reserved

Now We Are 5

on Monday, 01 June 2015.

Celebrating 5 years in business

I'm feeling a bit like the Queen this month as I have 2 birthdays to celebrate - next week is my official birthday, but although I'm at an age where birthdays are no longer really a cause to celebrate, I am very excited about my business birthday!  This week Creative Commercial Photography turns 5, and I'm in a party mood!

It's hard to believe that it's been 5 years since I left a stable but unfulfilling corporate life to go it alone in the world of photography.  I can't say it's been easy, but I always loved a good challenge and I feel just as passionate about my work as I did on day one.  It's been quite a journey and I've met some brilliant people and worked on some really interesting projects - every day is different and exciting, and I still enjoy learning new skills and dealing with challenges.

It's been hard to pick some favourite moments from the last five years but some highlights include working with some talented chefs and delicious food and events such as the Wallingford Food Festival. I also spent a few months working with the National Trust at Nuffield Place documenting every item in the property - it was a real treat to work there and a fascinating project. I really value the collaborative partnerships I have with other photographers, especially Adby Creative and SuePix, it's been wonderful working with these talented ladies.

I've also been lucky enough to work with some very happy couples and enjoyed being part of some fabulous weddings.  It's a privilege to photograph every wedding, and I'm looking forward to many more in the future.  I've made a little movie slideshow of some of my favourite shots below - it's been fun looking back in time, it seems that I like a lot of smiles and funny faces*. 

Every project is special, and I enjoy working with all of my clients. I am very grateful for the support of everyone I have worked with, and am looking forward to developing new relationships and working on more projects in the next five years!

To celebrate our birthday, we're offering a photoshoot booking (one full day or half day) at 2010 prices!  Any project booked this month will be priced at our 2010 rates - quite a discount, so if you're thinking of updating your marketing and website, or if you have a special event coming up that you'd like to remember in style it's a great opportunity for a bargain!

(*with apologies for the very cheesy music!)


Tour de France

on Thursday, 31 July 2014.

Event Photography at the London Fan Park for the Tour de France

One of my favourite shoots recently has been at the IBIS Hotels marquee at the Green Park Fan Park for the arrival of the Tour de France riders in London on July 7th.  

Despite not knowing the first thing about the Tour de France (I have avoided bikes altogether after a nasty accident a few years ago!) I really really enjoyed this event.  The atmosphere was fantastic - the crowds were huge and jolly and everyone had a brilliant time watching the race on the big screen and enjoying the food stands and generous freebies given out by the sponsors.

My brief was to photograph the marquee set up by IBIS and Accor Hotels, and to capture the atmosphere and crowds enjoying the activities around the area.  The event organisers provided an unbelievable number of free madeleine cakes and drinks, in fact there was so much free food that they were giving away whole boxes of cakes by the end of the day!  Activities in the tent included face painting for the kids (there was always a queue for the very talented make up artist!), a clever reaction time game, massages, competitions, free coffee and drinks and of course madeleines. The tent was packed all day and everyone seemed to have a great time.

I hope the gallery below gives a flavour of the day, and as always you can see a few more on my Flickr Events Gallery

A big thank you to my good pal Adby Creative for recommending me for this event!

Chow Chow Tea Party!

on Thursday, 25 September 2014.

the teddy bears' picnic

Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic - it's the Chow Chow tea party!

The annual tea party is such fun - it's run by the Chow Chow Club of Great Britain in Holyport near Maidenhead.  Chows are so uncommon these days (almost officially on the endangered list in the UK last year) that poor Thomas (our Chow) never gets to see his family so he gets really excited at the tea party in a room of about 20 Chows, and of course the owners really enjoy it too!  I wouldn't dream of entering Thomas into a serious dog show - he just hasn't got a clue and wouldn't enjoy it at all, but he does love to show off at the tea party!

This year we were very proud of him as he won Reserve in the Handsomest Dog category (quite an achievement since despite being recently bathed and brushed he managed to cover himself in cobwebs and dribble on the short walk to the show!); Happiest Rescue Chow (again he was the only rescue but he deserves to win anyway!) and best of all, 'Chow the judge would most like to take home'!  He was very pleased with himself and made lots of new friends.

One of the oldest breeds of dog, Chow Chows are gorgeous creatures - so loving and gentle, although they are pretty high maintenance and need a lot of grooming and care.  They are worth it though, even their extreme stubbornness is very endearing!

You can see more of @Lazy_Chow's adventures on my Instagram feed.



This is my film

on Thursday, 16 October 2014.

Business Testimonials with a difference

I've been really enjoying working with This Is My Film and their lovely clients this year.

This Is My Film create unique films for businesses to promote themselves and their own clients through video testimonials.  Using a combination of video and still photography with audio recordings, the films make a great addition to any marketing strategy, and also help to cement good client relationships by involving them in making the films, and helping them to feel valued.

"We love using still photography as our clients tell us it's a far more compelling way of telling their story. There aren't too many people who like to talk to a video camera, so our method of recording audio and then adding great photos has proved to get results and looks pretty good too!"
Trevor Marshall, This Is My Film.

One of the best things about this job is my clients- I love meeting so many interesting people, and working with TIMF has given me the opportunity to meet some very lovely people and I really enjoyed photographing them all.

Something New

on Wednesday, 16 July 2014.

Wedding photography by Creative Commercial Photography

'You don't do wedding photography do you?" - I hear this quite often and being primarily a commercial photographer, it's a reasonable assumption for people to make, but Yes!  I do do wedding photography!  Not all the time, admittedly but every now and again I really enjoy being part of a wedding, either on my own or as a second shooter with another wedding photographer.  It's a real privilege to record these special days, and a huge responsibility that I take very seriously. After all, once the party is over and the dust has settled, the pictures are your lasting memory of a day that takes such a lot of planning yet passes in a flash.

I've always preferred to work in a natural, candid style, and while I am happy to capture the traditional family groups when asked, I absolutely love to watch the goings on and catch some lovely relaxed portraits of guests and bride and groom enjoying themselves.  The last thing most people want at a wedding is to be dragged away from the food and champagne to pose for endless group photos, so I always try to keep this as brief as possible so that the party can concentrate on having fun.

You can see a selection of wedding photography on my Flickr gallery and a few of my favourites from recent weddings this year are below.  If you're getting married - congratulations!  And please do get in touch if you are looking for a friendly, flexible and creative photographer and images you'll want to treasure. 

Henley Living Advent Calendar 2013

on Monday, 30 December 2013.

Festive event photography for the Henley Living Advent Calendar 2013

Henley Living Advent Calendar 2013

I hope you've had a lovely Christmas with family and friends! I've enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing few days at home, catching up with family and cooking up some tasty treats.

Before Christmas I had the pleasure of working again with the Henley Partnership and the Henley Living Advent Calendar - an innovative event celebrating talent and businesses in Henley while raising money for worthy local charities.  Every evening during Advent, a window or door of a business in Henley is opened to reveal a short performance by a local artist - it's a real celebration of Christmas and showcases new talents. As a collaborative project involving about 100 local businesses it is a unique event and Henley was the first UK town to open their doors during Advent.  The idea originally from Sweden really seems to have taken off around the country and this year the charitable work of the Living Advent Calendar was rewarded with a Big Society Award - Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Henley’s living advent calendar is a brilliantly unique embodiment of Christmas community spirit.
“The record number of organisations opening their doors this year are giving a platform to talented local performers, providing a welcome boost for Henley businesses and putting on a great show for everyone in the town. 
“This Big Society Award recognises the hard work of everyone involved.” 

Here are a few of my favourite shots from this year's calendar:


Wishing you a happy and peaceful new year!



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Wedding on skates!

on Tuesday, 10 December 2013.

Photography and video from a recent wedding in Islington

Wedding on skates!

I've really enjoyed working on more weddings this year - it's been a real privilege to be part of so many special days!  One of my favourites was a joint venture with This is my Wedding Film - a fantastic company who create beautiful videos combining video, audio and still photography from the wedding.  What a fantastic memento to have recordings of guests and family, as well as your favourite music all played over a slideshow of wedding photographs and video clips.

The first wedding I shot with This is my Wedding Film was so much fun!  The bride and groom arrived at Islington Town Hall on roller skates and a skateboard - narrowly avoiding the heavy traffic and parked wedding bus thanks to a kind taxi driver!  It was a great surprise for the guests as they had managed to keep it secret from everyone.  The bride and groom, being on quite a tight budget and not at all traditional, did not want to have any posed photographs - that suits me well as I am not a huge fan of the traditional posed wedding groups, and I really enjoyed being kept on my toes all day as events unfolded.  Normally when I shoot a wedding I like to plan the day to the minute, and visit the venue in advance so that I know exactly what to expect and where to stand, but this wasn't possible for this wedding - at first I found it quite scary, but when I saw what a happy couple Joel and Louise were and met their lovely family and friends I felt a lot more relaxed and really enjoyed getting some nice candid shots:

After the short ceremony at Islington Town Hall, the party moved to the Fox and Anchor at Smithfield market - a gorgeous little Pub, but not quite big enough for everyone, so after moving the cakes and a few chairs outside the speeches were made in the street outside the Pub. Fantastic! The Best Men did a very good job of making the groom blush with a website of embarrassing photos!  The evening reception was held at another Pub in Bethnal Green - a brilliant party with music from the band who played at the couple's first date - very special.  Louise had spent ages making lovely little candle holders from tin cans, and bunting which made the whole place look really magical.  Little touches like this make such a difference and everyone had a brilliant day.

I was so happy to be able to photograph this wonderful day, and am really pleased with the video by This is my Wedding Film - I can't wait for our next booking!

Thanks to Louise and Joel for allowing us to share their photographs with you!