Our new intern!

on Monday, 28 January 2019.

Introducing our future head of Barketing...

Our new intern!

I'm so pleased to introduce the newest member of the team at Creative Commercial Photography - future Office Manager and Head of Barketing, Frida Chow!  She's only 9 weeks old and has been part of the family for just a week, but she has already completely taken over our lives like a little blue whirlwind.

It's been just over a year since we lost our previous Office Manager - Thomas the Chow Chow, and it's taken a long time to find the right dog to fill the huge bear-shaped hole he left behind.  Frida is a special little girl, very bright and full of beans - she can already do a few puppy tricks, and she has completely wriggled her way into our hearts.  

She even has her own Instagram page!  Follow @Frida_Chow for daily cuteness :-)